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Twisted Pose

Vakrasana makes the body adaptable and diminishes midsection fat and furthermore helps in further developing absorption by controlling stomach related juices.


Shoulder Stand

The significance of Sarvangasana is “all parts”. The asana includes the whole body and renews it. It includes the thyroid organ and invigorates digestion, protein blend, and blood course.


Yoga Teacher Training

With more than 250 dynamic downtown areas across the globe, Isha Teachers commit themselves to the chance of enabling

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More Yoga Asana

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The word asana in a real sense implies a stance. Out of the endless asanas a body can expect, 84 have been distinguished as Yogasanas

Surya Kriya

“Surya” signifies “sun,” and “kriya” signifies “internal energy process.” Surya Kriya initiates the sunlight based plexus to raise the samat prana, or sun powered heat, in the framework.

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Angamardana, a wellness framework established in yoga, offers everybody the chance to stimulate the body and arrive at top physical and emotional well-being.

Bhava Spandana

This experiential program causes what is happening where one can rise above the limits of the five faculties and experience reverberation with the remainder of presence.

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